Isnin, 19 September 2011


On this coming 20th September 2011, the Palestinian Liberation Organization PLO will propose a resolution for the United Nations to recognize Palestine to be represented as an independent country, and as a fully fledged member of the United Nations. It is time for Palestinian to declare once and for all their right to self determination, their sovereignty, freedom and independence.

This comes after exhausting useless and meaningless rounds of negotiations with Israel on the terms of Palestinian statehood which have been frozen since 2008. It is an arduous and a long overdue process while everyday Palestinians faces a continuous series of brutality, animosity, displacement, dispossession and atrocities done by the Israeli regime. A regime which has never honoured or appreciated the language of negotiation and dialogue. Negotiations with the Israeli regime lead to disappointment, deceit and the squandering of time and missing opportunities of peace.

In this regard, ABIM would like to take this precious occasion to express our deep solidarity and full support for Palestinians in taking this step for the recognition of the Palestinian State based on UNSC resolution 242 which states a defined 1967 contiguous border with East Jerusalem as its capital. We support the admission of Palestine as a full member of the United Nations.

ABIM urges the international community especially those countries that are yet to recognize Palestine to use their moral conscience and to stand together showing support and solidarity for Palestine. We owe a historical debt to the Palestinian peoples' right to an independent state for 64 years. By doing so, we are fulfilling our duty and responsibility towards stopping injustice towards Palestine and to preserve their basic national and human right to live happily and peacefully within their own soil.

ABIM supports the decision of the Malaysian Government to recognize Palestine. Moreover, as a respected Islamic country, Malaysian Government should play a more leading and significant role by using its regional influence to get more countries to recognize Palestine especially among remaining Asean countries like Thailand and Singapore. The Malaysian Government should not be too concerned of pressures from USA and its allies but by upholding truth and justice ought instead to persuade and urge US and its allies to be fair and support the Palestinian cause.

Finally, based on the report entitled “Building the State of Palestine” prepared by Palestinian National Authority, ABIM is confident that Palestinian is ready to become a sovereign country and exercise its right to self-determination which has been repeatedly recognized over and over again by the UN and by the International Court of Justice in 2004. Now, it is time for the flag of Palestine to be hoisted high at the UN.


Vice President (International Affair),

Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM)

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